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Happy Birthday, WHGL! We’re kicking off our sixth birthday with whole new outlook on life and we’re talking about picking out whore-bots on facebook, slowing down for mountain bikers, better pizza intel than last week, awkwardly engaging strangers, abiding by the social contract of acting like everything’s okay, Chef Anne Burrell’s pop-up Cheetos restaurant in NYC, an UPDATE on an old Unsolved Mystery, re-examining our target demographic, other found notes on Rodney St., stealing from a car you just rear-ended, never being too careful around EMT’s, and how everyone’s apparently selling fake drugs now.

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2012-09-07_whgl_09_07_12Dub and Matt welcome their roommate Mike to the podcast. Dub brings up the topic of awkward but accidental racial statements. They shift quickly to a discussion about the Michelin Guide and how it compares to other star rating systems in the restaurant business. Mike discusses the ins and outs of being a chef and working in restaurants. Matt and Dub share their experiences in the kitchen. Matt asks Dr. Mike a series of questions concerning the aforementioned topic of chefdom. Hard-hitting questions like, What’s your biggest pet-peeve in the kitchen?, What’s your favorite genre of food? and What are your feelings on celebrity chefs? Dub brings it back around to Michelin, but this time he’s talking about their Bib Gourmand designated restaurants. Conspiracy ensues.