Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


We’re back in the Hutch this week and everything is going wrong! In Episode 238 we’re doing our very best to: control the weather, track down missing cows, watch people talk to each other about cars, acknowledge other people in the community, get a radio station to play our song, rob a bank with a fake beard, bribe businesses into going cashless, figure out how wack Mexican food must be in Europe, shoot ourselves in the dick on accident, contemplate having a hand off while driving, look at crime in our community, get an education on the dos and don’ts of using the word “Gypsy”, snort chocolate because that’s a thing now, leave our pistol in a park somewhere, and cope with a little bad news about Wilberforce.



200_halfAll aboard the Half Christmas Omnibus! Episode 200 has been months in the making and when you venture within, you’ll know why. We hope you packed a lunch because we’re tackling every major segment we’ve ever featured on this podcast:

Fun Facts, Would You Rather, Word of the Day, The Fucking Balls on That Guy, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Deep Discounts, Cry Harder, the Gift and the Curse, Rap Trivia, Meat Head Street Cred, Holy Shit These Geophysics Actually Happened, Tech Section, Sports, Let’s Do Some Drugs, Today Was a Good Day, Coldest Mother Fuckers Ever, Juggalo Poetry Slam, Mike World Traveler, I Don’t Mean to Brag, and the Push to 200!



2014-02-23_whgl_02_16_14Dub and Matt are joined by Killer Kyle this week. Listen to an enthralling tale about easing into a sweet day-time drunk and playing Mega Man II for six hours! Dub hips everyone to, where you can assemble an arsenal of deliciousness.Matt goes over retractions for the week and then queries present company about reports of ghosts in Helena (Classifieds). Dub talks about the adventures of Eggplant, an unwitting Japanese game show contestant who got famous while spending a year cut off from civilization. Kyle raises questions about how this situation might affect one mentally. The guys are later joined by their Vancouver correspondent, Aaron, who brings a new segment to the show called ‘Holy Shit ThisActually Happened!’ featuring the Lake Peigneur disaster of 1980. They finish with the Push to 100!