Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


This is Drunkmento – grab a cold brew coffee because this week we’ve left ourselves a series of clues to figure out mysteries like: is that fountain for drinking or bathing, where is the bacon located in grocery stores, how to control and prevent rage from ruining family time, how to start embracing on-coming deafness and blindness, who is paying for religious billboards, why do people keep using terrible fonts, why’s Google strong-arming small business owners, or are they, can we split a lap dance, why aren’t there high-end pawn shops for celebrities, who stole the oxys from the trial evidence, how do you successfully smuggle drugs and alcohol into a music festival, did we discover a loophole to DUI’s, and are cat vibes a thing?

Retrace our steps and get some answers on Episode 244!



092015Topics Discussed: Folgers Coffee, Keurig’s Hot New DRM, Matt’s World Falls Apart Today, I Don’t Mean To Brag: Immune Systems and Eating Old Food, New Tires, Word of the Day, Walking, Cold Thermogenesis, White Fat, Brown Fat, Burning Calories While Cold as Hell, Cool Gut Buster, We Had a Good Experiment, Shower Thoughts Theory, Weekly Weigh In, Italian Pasta Dinner Party, QR Codes on Your Gravestone, We Had a Good Afterlife, Deep Discounts, Tanks for Sale, Cash for Corpses in Poland, Don’t Hustle with too many People, When a Heist goes Sideways, Treating Yourself, and the Importance of Making Lists!