072615Topics Discussed: Data Recovery Methods, Conversations Lost, Addendum to Dinosaur Vision, Book Lung, Matt’s Upcoming Trip to Denver, Cuban Food Trucks, Sluggish Performance on Food, Pre-Show Naps, Shout Outs, Former Rep. Michael Grimm Trifecta, Acclimating to the Daytime World, Rodney Street Battle Ax, the Power of the Word of the Day, Filthy Partying, a History of Jon Hamm, Violent Fraternity Lifestyles, Pledging for Your Own Podcast, Elliot Barker Psychopath Whisperer, Tripping Balls-Out, KFC’s NEW KFChizza, Credit isn’t Real Money, New Jurassic Park, Dinosaur Polling, Prime Real Estate at the Symphony Under the Stars, and Remembering the Original 158.


060715Topics Discussed: Bad Dreams Regarding the Podcast, Organizing the Segments, Retractions and Addendums, Old Lady Neglecting the Rules of the Road, Old Privledge, American Hero of the Week, Next Level Word of the Day, Making Progress with the French, Dub Orders Pizza with Specific Instructions, TFBOTG: Getting Drunk and Setting Your Own DUI Traps, the Law Office of WHGL Works Pro-Bono, Defending the Public and Suing the State, the Podcast Marketing Game Changer, What a Time to Stay Alive, Dinosaurs’ Incredible Eyesight, Giant Insects, Stefan Kang, Tech Section: Hot Contacts Better than 20/20 Vision, HAW: KFC Employee Goes Butt Wild, CBS’s New Show The Briefcase, and a Gift and a Curse!


WHGL_Episode_141_03_15_15Cody joins us this week! Topics Discussed: Welcome Back Kotter, Greatest American Hero Theme, American Express Black Card, Van Halen, Concert Riders, Christopher Walken, Nick at Nite Picks, Key and Peele, Chromecast, Mitch Hedberg, 360 Degree Video, Tech Talk, Oculus Rift and HTC, Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality, 3D Porn, Real Dolls, Common Core, Chronic Birthday Dinners, Daily Fatboy Struggle, Word of the Day, Sex at Dawn, Monogamy, Plunger Dick, Hunting and Gathering, Awesome Advice from Pat Robertson, Down to Clown, Parks and Rec, Buddists VS Christians, Daytime Friends, Stand-Ups Falling off, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, New Wu-Tang Album, Method Man, Adam Sandler, The Cobbler, Paul Blart 2, Overlapping Historical Timelines, Dinosaurs, and the Spice Girls.