Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


We’re back in the Hutch this week and everything is going wrong! In Episode 238 we’re doing our very best to: control the weather, track down missing cows, watch people talk to each other about cars, acknowledge other people in the community, get a radio station to play our song, rob a bank with a fake beard, bribe businesses into going cashless, figure out how wack Mexican food must be in Europe, shoot ourselves in the dick on accident, contemplate having a hand off while driving, look at crime in our community, get an education on the dos and don’ts of using the word “Gypsy”, snort chocolate because that’s a thing now, leave our pistol in a park somewhere, and cope with a little bad news about Wilberforce.



WHGL_Episode_123_11_02_14Cody joins Matt and Dub in the lab this week! Topics Discussed Include: Daytime drunk or Nighttime Drunk, Spins, Rachael Ray, Mean Mugs and Bums in Nature Park, Working Out, Europe and America, Voting and Democracy, Spring Meadow Lake, Search and Rescue, Bones, I Don’t Mean To Brag: Killer’s Birthday, Bed Time, Halloween at the Bar, Public School, Common Core, Sex Ed, The Driving Range, Darts, Pool, Poker, Gambling, Developing Brains, Nardwuar, Henry Rollins is an Asshole, Elon Musk, New Test for Identifying Narcissists, Word of the Day – PLUS!, the Myers-Briggs Test, Stretching, Michael Rapaport’s New Podcast, Jealousy and Envy, Primate Relationships, Preferred Podcast Tools for Android, and Idle Chit Chat.