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Why do people like La Croix?, email and shout outs, clarifying vice presidential succession, an update on Stageline Pizza, when real estate meets pizza, misjudging the lineup at the show on Friday, Mugen Hoso, Palabra del Dia (Bonus), finally cleaning out the fridge, Heavy Machinery Hustlers: Bank of America ATM robbery with a forklift, how do I crime smarter?, people are always leaving keys laying around, pros and cons of the FBI taking this case off our hands, law enforcement power struggles, awesome tattoo ideas, trying to pay for lunch, Hero Arsonist of the Week: Firefighters dine on pigs they saved in fire, TFBOTG: mobile mechanic is fixing brakes, Power Moves: stuck between a cop and a hard place, some clumsy burglar leaves DNA behind at the scene, forgetting to flush, planting fake DNA to muddy the waters, and living with an active alarm clock stuck in the walls.



2011-11-11_whgl_11_11_11Matt and Dub begin by discussing the absurdity of the FBI’s decision to start classifying Juggalos as a gang threat. Dub then dishes out a fun-fact about one crazy night on the set of Titanic that lead to 50-plus people going to the hospital, high on PCP. He follows with a story about the infamous Chijon Family, a gang of class-war cannibals in South Korea in the 1990’s. They, using their first ammendment rights and the Chijon Family as an example, discuss (not promote or endorse) whether or not violence on the rich and powerful in America would yield positive results.Quickly skating away from thin ice, Matt tells the tale of Sam Mullet, a purported Amish cult leader. Find out what tragedy looks like when you go up against the throne in Amish-Town, USA. They briefly talk about the Piggy-Back Bandit and his capture and arrest in Helena, MT.The boys then almost lose their shit completely before Matt recalls a time the Helena SWAT team was dispatched to break up his bank heist.