Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


This week we’re falling down YouTube rabbit holes, podcasting on a full stomach, recognizing the visionary behind the Hawaiian pizza, eavesdropping on shady characters, rethinking TouchTunes’ jukebox credit policy, re-examining why so many people still have all their fingers, reading way too far into Waylon Jennings’ entire career, renting a VR room to escape the heat, talking to ghosts, firebombing people in traffic, calling out wack criminal monikers, purchasing shoes in 60 seconds or less, and finally experiencing an earthquake!



214It’s Halloween and that means it’s time for another Spookstravaganza! We’re having spooky dreams, breaking into haunted houses, heroically celebrating Devil’s Night, collecting spooky insurance checks, dispelling sadistic myths, keeping our children safe, taking murder mystery parties too literally, keeping costumes woke in 2016, harassing women, choosing our favorite candy and getting ready for Christmas! Bring a flashlight, because Episode 214 is spoooky!



103115Topics Discussed: Halloween in Theory and in Practice, Shoutouts, Slutty Dudes, Word of the Day, the Amygdala, Studies on Fear of the Unknown, Oxytocin and Fear Conditioning, Germany, Screaming Roughness, Marketing Scare Tactics, Fear Among Americans, Government, Cyber Terrorism, Paranormal Activity and Ghosts, Scary Movies, Generational Failure, Carl Tanzler’s Wild Ride, Robbing Graves, Florida, Best and Worst Halloween Candy, Hero Arsonist Ghost Ferrari, Tricking and Treating Your Body, Classic Twilight Zone on Netflix, Terror at 20,000 Feet, Meat Head Street Cred, The Reese PBC Burger, Creepy Diseases, and the Constant Chronic Déjà Vu Time Loop.


2014-02-23_whgl_02_16_14Dub and Matt are joined by Killer Kyle this week. Listen to an enthralling tale about easing into a sweet day-time drunk and playing Mega Man II for six hours! Dub hips everyone to, where you can assemble an arsenal of deliciousness.Matt goes over retractions for the week and then queries present company about reports of ghosts in Helena (Classifieds). Dub talks about the adventures of Eggplant, an unwitting Japanese game show contestant who got famous while spending a year cut off from civilization. Kyle raises questions about how this situation might affect one mentally. The guys are later joined by their Vancouver correspondent, Aaron, who brings a new segment to the show called ‘Holy Shit ThisActually Happened!’ featuring the Lake Peigneur disaster of 1980. They finish with the Push to 100!


2013-09-07_whgl_09_01_13The guys welcome their friend Troy back to Helena on this episode! Dub starts with a detailed description of his run-in with a bullshit lunch consisting of nothing more than soup and salad. Matt wonders if there’s anyone who actually flaunts their hipsterdom. He brings in Word of the Day and also ponders the downfall of CNN. Dub talks about the history of the word ‘thug’, which originated in India. This leads to a discussion about certain roles within a gang’s hierarchy being made obsolete by technology in order for a gang to operate at peak efficiency.Matt talks about his recent wisdom tooth extraction and the subsequent science experiment gone foul, as well as partying on Amoxicillin.CMFE: Michael Hayes, a mass murderer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1988. This leads to other cold motherfuckers: Ariel Castro and Judge G. Todd Baugh in Billings, MT. They close the episode on a lighter, more speculative note when Matt reads an article about Chris ‘Knight Guider’ Tate, a ghost hunter in South Wales, accused of being a fraud.