Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


This week we’re chasing whiskey with coffee, going to Las Vegas, losing money, messing up names, figuring out street performers on Fremont St., visiting the Mob Museum, getting propositioned by who’res, playing digital craps, putting prisoners on display for money, pondering whether prostitutes are more people or sex toys, wiping feces on dealership vehicles, transporting drugs by way of dong, heisting condoms and vibrators, elaborately threatening our customers for not tipping, divulging locations for hard-to-find foods like Arctic Circle and the McRib, buying expensive cat carriers, and more!



In Episode 221 you’ll be abducted and forced to entertain bored billionaires, shop on Amazon drunk, use too much garlic in your food, re-live fifth grade drama, drug race horses, call the cops on the cop pulling you over, change your name to avoid steep administrative name-change fees, pocket-dial 911 from your meth lab, avoid the small and tricky horse jockey, replace your old blood with young blood, eat a fried chicken taco and a free continental breakfast, and more!



Stone’s joining us in the Hutch this week!

122715Topics Discussed: An Early-Morning Altercation About Garbage, Following up on Weird Body Hair; Milk Spots; and Cooking with Soda, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Beer Can Chicken, Cold Turkey Holiday Sex, Millionaire’s Wack Rape Defense, Affluent Teen’s on the Run, Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Challenges, Roaming Food Challenge Podcast, WHGL Food Challenge Team, LDSD: PCPizza Hut, Rich Dead White Guy Trivia: Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots, Sound Garden, Bad Band Names, Bongzilla, Weedeater, 2016 Possum Drop is a go, Mozart: the Original Juggalo, Dub’s Foreign Language Bluff, Jack White and ICP Got Jokes, Retractions: Fine China, Deep Discounts: Marriage Loans from SwanLuv, WHGL Gambling on Marriage Length, Angel Fund, Juggalo Poetry Slam: Holiday Edition, Tech Section, and Ham Gravy.



112915Topics Discussed: Cat Pics on the Low, Graham Crackers and Grape Kool-Aid, Holiday Eating, Snow Tires, New Whip Knowledge, Grown Man Car Business, Hard Credit Checks, Playing the Car Buying Game, New Segment: Cry Harder, Dying Industries, Model Trains, Print Media, Tangible vs. Digital Products, Entrepreneurialship, 3D Printing Your Future, Remember K-Mart?, the Fun of a New Album, Thin and Filthy Homemade Pizza, Dragon Wings Revisited, LDSD: Black Friday on the Dark Net, Releasing the Podcast on the Dark Net, Staying Budget Conscious, Cuban Cigars, Stolen Credit Cards, Sheep Revisited and Revised, How Did Cows Survive, Hopping on the Trump Tip, Social Media Prowess, and Personal Retractions.



2012-12-21_whgl_12_21_12With the holiday season setting in, Matt and Dub drag ass through 2012’s penultimate episode. What’s the point in doing your best when the end is right around the corner? Right? Psych, they’re just lazy. It’s the holiday season, c’mon!Matt starts with retractions and the long lost segment Rap Trivia. He promises the answer at the end of the show and then forgets to give the answer. The subject of The Lord of the Rings crops back up.Dub tells a story of personal triumph in terms of finally getting his college diploma, after nine long years, despite owing the school $12 for a cap and gown. He decribes how to deal with people in this or any similar situation.Matt reads a letter from their Denver coorespondent, Aaron, concerning privatized space exploration. Don’t expect moon-cars anytime soon!Dub grosses us out with a description of the prehistoric aquatic nightmare known as Anomalocaridid. He then moves on to describe the car trouble he’s had in the last week, but not before giving us a fun fact about coffee.They can’t end the episode before discussing the tragic shooting in Connecticut last week. The slippery topics of gun control, emotional legislation, emotional gun-owners and celebrating psychos in this country follows.Happy Holidays, everyone!