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An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


Hop in the trenches with us this week as we define the characteristics of a modern country song, finally get some justice for Stageline, raise awareness instead of actually doing something, call out wack-ass capitols, fly to ATX and get hassled by the TSA, fight the awkwardness of airplane seating and random traveling animals, take a less than super shuttle to a baller JW Marriot, pivot to a conversation about Texas SONS before grabbing a drink in one of the most gentrified house-bars downtown, and then meet tech hero, Kelsey Hightower. After that we’ll try to solve the mystery of a serial shitter in Colorado, attempt to bring a high-speed police chase to an end peacefully, and then devise a plan to long-con a bank robbery!



102515Topics Discussed: Mobile Podcasting from a Howard Johnson, Boise Idaho, Eating on the Road, Clubbing in Boise, Dave and Buster’s Hustle, Flat Land Pressure Systems, Millennial Skill-based Gambling, Let’s Do Some Drugs, Snitching Hard, Overstepping Your Bluff, Cheddar Addiction, Martin Shkreli, An Answer to Daraprim, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Capitalism Strikes Back, Hojo Experience, Friends and George Lopez, Motel Requirements, You Will Be Killed in a Motel, Summer Salmon Soup and Sushi Season, Idaho Laws, Having Sex in a Car, and Awesome Neighbors.