This is Drunkmento – grab a cold brew coffee because this week we’ve left ourselves a series of clues to figure out mysteries like: is that fountain for drinking or bathing, where is the bacon located in grocery stores, how to control and prevent rage from ruining family time, how to start embracing on-coming deafness and blindness, who is paying for religious billboards, why do people keep using terrible fonts, why’s Google strong-arming small business owners, or are they, can we split a lap dance, why aren’t there high-end pawn shops for celebrities, who stole the oxys from the trial evidence, how do you successfully smuggle drugs and alcohol into a music festival, did we discover a loophole to DUI’s, and are cat vibes a thing?

Retrace our steps and get some answers on Episode 244!



020716Topics Discussed: Gym Teachers, Montucky Skies, Mickey’s Malt Liquor Offering, Word of the Day, Open Hand Slap, Breaking into the Country Line Dancing Scene, Straussing The Game, Marilyn Manson and Jenna Jameson, Porn Stigma, HAW: 10/10 Anti-Hero Arsonist & a Hard Working Man, Winter Biking, Background Wardrobe and Unparalleled Personality, Fixing a Sloppy Headphone Jack, Tech Sec: Tome Inc’s Connected Caster Chair Alert Long Game, Insurance Group Plan, Taking a Lap on Your Own Time, Getting Sick and Getting Busy, Shout Outs, Deep Discounts: Free Groceries for Soiled Drawers, and The Push to 200!