This is Drunkmento – grab a cold brew coffee because this week we’ve left ourselves a series of clues to figure out mysteries like: is that fountain for drinking or bathing, where is the bacon located in grocery stores, how to control and prevent rage from ruining family time, how to start embracing on-coming deafness and blindness, who is paying for religious billboards, why do people keep using terrible fonts, why’s Google strong-arming small business owners, or are they, can we split a lap dance, why aren’t there high-end pawn shops for celebrities, who stole the oxys from the trial evidence, how do you successfully smuggle drugs and alcohol into a music festival, did we discover a loophole to DUI’s, and are cat vibes a thing?

Retrace our steps and get some answers on Episode 244!



021416Topics Discussed: Keurig Trance Brewing in 3D, Thermos Coffee Cup, Remembering Valentine’s Day, Celebrating Science: Gravitational Waves, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Black Holes, Interferometer, Wave Frequencies, Humans Leveling Up, Man Killed by Falling Meteorite, Space Sacrifices in Exchange for Universal Knowledge, A Terrible Decision to Make, Checking and Balancing God-like Abilities, Word of the Day, Great Falls’ Sonic and Salmon Hatchery, the Problem with Photography, A Khaki Cargo Pant Deficit, Mall Fatigue, Deadpool, Valentine’s Card and Candy, Bringing Back Vinegar Valentines, CMFE Science: Hugo de Garis and Evolvable Hardware, Humans are Computers Taken Further, Cylon Drones and Coming Civil War in Tech, Best Standards and Practices¬† for AI, and The Push to 200!