060715Topics Discussed: Bad Dreams Regarding the Podcast, Organizing the Segments, Retractions and Addendums, Old Lady Neglecting the Rules of the Road, Old Privledge, American Hero of the Week, Next Level Word of the Day, Making Progress with the French, Dub Orders Pizza with Specific Instructions, TFBOTG: Getting Drunk and Setting Your Own DUI Traps, the Law Office of WHGL Works Pro-Bono, Defending the Public and Suing the State, the Podcast Marketing Game Changer, What a Time to Stay Alive, Dinosaurs’ Incredible Eyesight, Giant Insects, Stefan Kang, Tech Section: Hot Contacts Better than 20/20 Vision, HAW: KFC Employee Goes Butt Wild, CBS’s New Show The Briefcase, and a Gift and a Curse!