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Our friend Alex “Biggs” Small joins us for Episode 239 and we’re discussing how to fly the Confederate flag behind your manly truck, recognizing the -isms in old beloved media, Palabra del Dia, speaking Spanish over the radio, killing your boyfriend to avoid reptilians, online cults, plural raptures, how author Chuck Tingle is like the Stephen King of alternative gay erotica, solving arguments with gasoline and alcohol, a Thai breast slapping technique to increase your bust size, the crazy life of Roy Gardner, reporting your cocaine stolen, and much more!



012416Topics Discussed: Nelly Playlist, Preamble Tech Section: Useful SharePoint Activities for Hacking the Planet, Walter Cavanagh’s Baller Line of Credit, Kiting Debt, Reaching Out on Twitter, Where Hung Stops and Doug Begins, Word of the Day, LDSD: Morphine Cough Syrup, Opium-laced Chinese Food, Speaking Truth to Power and Punching Up, China Took Our Blueprint, New Taco Treat, How Being Rich is like Not Being on a Diet, Fry Bread, Keto Flu and Caffeine Withdrawals, Black Irish Breakfast Tea, Son of JFK/Marilyn Monroe Plots to Kidnap Obama’s Dog, Episodes Too Far Back, Writing a Book in Prison, Getting a Harvard Degree Online, Automated Robots Killing Jobs, Fighting the Future, John Henry 2016, Hero Arsonist: Bed Bugs, Goodwill Mattress Standard, Conveniently Dying in a Cemetery, the Old Remote Control Spare Cadaver Explosive Trick for Your Vehicle Getaway, and The Push to 200!