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An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


Why do people like La Croix?, email and shout outs, clarifying vice presidential succession, an update on Stageline Pizza, when real estate meets pizza, misjudging the lineup at the show on Friday, Mugen Hoso, Palabra del Dia (Bonus), finally cleaning out the fridge, Heavy Machinery Hustlers: Bank of America ATM robbery with a forklift, how do I crime smarter?, people are always leaving keys laying around, pros and cons of the FBI taking this case off our hands, law enforcement power struggles, awesome tattoo ideas, trying to pay for lunch, Hero Arsonist of the Week: Firefighters dine on pigs they saved in fire, TFBOTG: mobile mechanic is fixing brakes, Power Moves: stuck between a cop and a hard place, some clumsy burglar leaves DNA behind at the scene, forgetting to flush, planting fake DNA to muddy the waters, and living with an active alarm clock stuck in the walls.



WHGL_Episode_138_02_15_15Topics Discussed: the Thickening One Week on, Valentine’s Day at the Sip and dip, Stripping ain’t Easy, Mermaids, Matt’s Trip to Reno, Exploring the Salt Lake City Airport, Getting Tested for Explosive Material, Coco Chanel, Travel plans, River Boat Gambling, Word of the Day, Update on Feeding the Pigs Girl, Charles Manson’s Long-Con Valentine, Daniel Simone, Afton Star Burton, Prison Lock-Up TV, OZ, Six Feet Under, Michael C. Hall, That’s How They Get You, Valentine’s Gifts and more!


WHGL_Episode_132_01_04_15Topics discussed this week: New Year’s, Dub’s Birthday, Re-capping Gains and Losses with the Podcast, Consistency, a lot of Push, Matt Left his Kindle at Home, the Exit Pat-down, Bunn Coffee Makers, Taco Del Mar, Heavy Handedness with the Ford Explorer XLT, TFBOTG: Massachusetts Woman Arrested for Feeding ‘Pigs’, the Sadness of a Retirement Homes, Thalaikkooththal Elderly Mercy Killings in Southern India, I Don’t Mean to Brag, Looper, Kidnapping Your Fiance to Rekindle Your Failing Relationship, How to Escape from Duct Tape, Mugging Scenario, Whitney Houston at Madison Square Garden Video, CIA Loves Twitter and Claims Responsibility for UFOs in the 1950’s and 60’s, Your Boy Snowden, Word of the Day, Hero Arsonist of the Week, The Interview, Hyper Violence, Orgazmo, the Diet Starts Monday and more!