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An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


194Topics Discussed: Carb-Free Red Bull, email, weed for hardcore cider, music as a marker in time and for comradery, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsch, word of the day, when to own or disavow a poop, time and money, park lake with Jobs and dogs, machete in the wild, bad dreams, mom heard about ziplocking, MHSC: meat-comms streaming video over a pork loin, hot armpit button heart tech, getting a button, tech sec: Elon Musk and Tesla’s plan to take over Google, life-long batteries, and the Push to 200!



031316Topics Discussed: Zenith Moment of Clarity, Push Homework, Email, Word of the Day, Retractions: Organ Donations, Outside the Hutch, Pootie Tang and Louis CK, Run Ronnie Run, Dark City, Having Creative Control Removed, CMFE: Chinese Elevator, Too Polite to Live, Escape Plans vs. Practical Reality, Pull Ups and Rope Climb, HAW: Flight Attendant Attends to a Fire, June and Jennifer Gibbons, Silent Twins, the Power of Brother Link, Deep Discounts: Steel Zoo Doors, and The Push to 200!



112915Topics Discussed: Cat Pics on the Low, Graham Crackers and Grape Kool-Aid, Holiday Eating, Snow Tires, New Whip Knowledge, Grown Man Car Business, Hard Credit Checks, Playing the Car Buying Game, New Segment: Cry Harder, Dying Industries, Model Trains, Print Media, Tangible vs. Digital Products, Entrepreneurialship, 3D Printing Your Future, Remember K-Mart?, the Fun of a New Album, Thin and Filthy Homemade Pizza, Dragon Wings Revisited, LDSD: Black Friday on the Dark Net, Releasing the Podcast on the Dark Net, Staying Budget Conscious, Cuban Cigars, Stolen Credit Cards, Sheep Revisited and Revised, How Did Cows Survive, Hopping on the Trump Tip, Social Media Prowess, and Personal Retractions.



091315Topics Discussed: Dub on Montucky Skies, New That’s Debateable, Bun B’s “II Trill”, Stupid Quotes, WHGL Weigh-In, Plateaus and Losses, Salt Strikes Again, Boozing and Prune Juicing, Hong Kong’s Solution to Dieting, Transferring Energy, McDonald’s Ruins Exercise Game, Laptop Hard Drive Disrupted by Airport Security, How Whistle-Blowers Travel, Ashley Madison’s Top Worst Passwords, Avast Anti-Virus, Brute Forcing Passwords, Tech Section: Motörhead’s Motor Heads, Lemmy’s Partying Downgrade, Taco Bell’s Naked Crispy Chicken Taco, Don’t Trust Fast Food Avocados or Shelf-stable Ranch Dressing, a Meeting with Yum Brands, Progress Pictures, Bulletproof Coffee, and Fat Fasting!



070515Kate and Aaron from the Alien Movie Project podcast join Dub and Matt this week! Topics Discussed: Spiders Accomodate, Shameless Self-Promotion, Podcast Life and Regular Life, Retractions: Getting Handsome with Comedian Tom Garland, Comedy is Hard, Opinions on Recent SCOTUS Ruling, What’s Next, Religious Persecution, Getting the Stats Wrong on Gays, Welfare, and NASA, Tax Credits and Subsidies, Changing Minds is Hard, Dub Makes Good on the Stolen Laptop Story from Two Weeks Ago, XXX Community Health Care, a Narrative for the Cops, Word of the Day, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Bees Love Placenta, My girl, Gas Roulette, John Brown’s Totally-Not-Racist Swastika Flag, Re-working a Sons Off-Shoot, Bernie Morrow, Cultural Learning Curve, Daughters and Sons, State of the Network Summit Update and Release Date.