219In Episode 219, you’ll discover new ways to: handle the Governor and his entourage showing up to the bar, explain to your children why robots are writing Christmas songs, buy your dog a new wardrobe with the county’s credit card, use fire and Axe body spray to dodge arrest, make America flammable again, mistakenly refer to CFC’s as CDC’s, use a gun to get the price you want on coffee, deal with fantasies of being taken hostage, use a city bus to make your point, smoke in public, get around loss-prevention officers in box stores, use tech skills to get a job in the criminal underworld, mess with service dogs on the clock, lose a finger, check out a new segment, drink your girlfriend’s blood, and finally step up your local Christmas program to compete with Netflix.



196Refinancing your house, the benefits of buying versus renting, sacrificing for your pet, retractions, advice from Al Capone, best practices for faking your own death, good news and bad news, LDSD: preggos getting crunk, broken finger nails, automated air traffic controllers and pilots, holding patterns, IBM’s bankruptcy lawyer robot Ross, octopus wrestling, Deep Discounts: Costco’s burial caskets, arranging your own affairs, MHSC: Clear Lab’s hamburger report, getting accreditation for nothing, grinding your own meat, word of the day, and the Push to 200!



012416Topics Discussed: Nelly Playlist, Preamble Tech Section: Useful SharePoint Activities for Hacking the Planet, Walter Cavanagh’s Baller Line of Credit, Kiting Debt, Reaching Out on Twitter, Where Hung Stops and Doug Begins, Word of the Day, LDSD: Morphine Cough Syrup, Opium-laced Chinese Food, Speaking Truth to Power and Punching Up, China Took Our Blueprint, New Taco Treat, How Being Rich is like Not Being on a Diet, Fry Bread, Keto Flu and Caffeine Withdrawals, Black Irish Breakfast Tea, Son of JFK/Marilyn Monroe Plots to Kidnap Obama’s Dog, Episodes Too Far Back, Writing a Book in Prison, Getting a Harvard Degree Online, Automated Robots Killing Jobs, Fighting the Future, John Henry 2016, Hero Arsonist: Bed Bugs, Goodwill Mattress Standard, Conveniently Dying in a Cemetery, the Old Remote Control Spare Cadaver Explosive Trick for Your Vehicle Getaway, and The Push to 200!



2012-07-06_whgl_07_06_12A week late and completely unapologetic about it, Matt and Dub return to the spider hole with yet another guest! This week it’s our own Aaron D., better known as our Denver coorespondent. Aaron regales the WHGL listening audience with some awesome ideas he’s developing regarding launguage and communication, and how language ties in with what we classically refer to as our senses. Plenty of talk about evolution, technology and the future. The different roads, they are as horrifying as they are imagination capturing.Dub tries to dig up some dirt on the late great Andy Griffith, fails. However one court case Matlock was involved in, he ended up on the wrong side of – and rightly so. Matt warms your heart with a story of a Christian rat who flew off the handle and most likely lost his job for it.This is the second time recording with Aaron, the first had severe technical difficulties. We’d like to thank him again for being a good sport!