This week we’re joined by our friend Aaron to discuss the strategy (or lack thereof) of Donald Trump and his administration, voter suppression and fraud, conservative complacency, changing minds with arguments, Nazis in the streets with torches, acknowledging absurd world-views, staffing the FCC to overturn net neutrality, Russia’s involvement in the election, righteous violence, punching Nazis and running over protesters, trolling the left, training for non-violence, noob tactics of the alt-right, civil resistance via Chenoweth and Stephan, Leo Tolstoy and Kenneth Burke, the privilege of non-violence, accountability to better placed critics, better uses for white masculinity, the shrinking timeline of awareness, creative non-violence, war with North Korea, understanding the other with empathy, substituting a villain for a fool, how Nazis compare to BLM / Antifa / Black Panthers and others, problematic media, human cooperation, tearing down white supremacist iconography in public places, the hardly-subtle KKK, Stetson Kennedy, Linear and Emergent Logic, and more!



WHGL_Episode_134_01_18_15Topics discussed this week: Randomized Football Divisions and Brackets, Baseball is Tedious, Brotha Lynch Hung Clones, Checking in on Dub’s new Zippo, Reddit Trolling on Youtube, Word of the Day, I Don’t Mean to Brag, Comparison Shopping for a New Dishwasher, 1970’s Colors, Interviewing Juggalos, TOTBOTG, John Bobbit and Similar Cases, Franklin Pumps, Rapid Fire Fun-Facts, Inflation, Canadians, World Records for big Tacos, Mongolian BBQ, Shitty Fake Booze in Blackpool, ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com, Not Funny on the Internet, Selling Used Cars, and Quelling the Rambuncious Beast.