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Stone’s joining us in the Hutch this week!

122715Topics Discussed: An Early-Morning Altercation About Garbage, Following up on Weird Body Hair; Milk Spots; and Cooking with Soda, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Beer Can Chicken, Cold Turkey Holiday Sex, Millionaire’s Wack Rape Defense, Affluent Teen’s on the Run, Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Challenges, Roaming Food Challenge Podcast, WHGL Food Challenge Team, LDSD: PCPizza Hut, Rich Dead White Guy Trivia: Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots, Sound Garden, Bad Band Names, Bongzilla, Weedeater, 2016 Possum Drop is a go, Mozart: the Original Juggalo, Dub’s Foreign Language Bluff, Jack White and ICP Got Jokes, Retractions: Fine China, Deep Discounts: Marriage Loans from SwanLuv, WHGL Gambling on Marriage Length, Angel Fund, Juggalo Poetry Slam: Holiday Edition, Tech Section, and Ham Gravy.



120615Topics Discussed: Calling Down the Power of the Bun, an Examination of “Back Like That” by Ghostface Killah, Indoor Cats, What Could Go Wrong Today, No New Notes, Retractions: Cows Docility, Killing Instead of Suing in China, TFBOTG: A Scheme for Diverting the Cops, Everyone on Your Friendslist is a Cop, HAW: BBQ Illegally Parked Car, Getting Back to a Simpler Time, Tech Sec: Getting Back Into Programming, Learn to Code, Where to Start, Grabass, No Country For Old Men, Sound in Movies, Run SpellCheck on Your Manifesto, Word of the Day, Utilizing Old People, and Stashing the Turkey.