Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


In Episode 226 you’ll learn what it truly means to be a professional imposter, whether you’re looking for a new job, dining and dashing, dressing like a cop to pull a heist, using a time machine to invest in stocks, tricking people into renting their own pets, or serving pop-up advertisements directly into people eyeballs. Don’t fall behind the times! Listen to this episode now and tell your friends later!



210Joining vape nation, e-cigarette flavors, energy ends the world, Email and Retractions, Luke Cage, keys to being a fake Bills fan, MDMM: Ranch App, incompetent employees, demanding refunds, blending Taco Bell with Taco Johns, Word of the Day, ketchup is in the crosshairs now, LDSD: woman hides gun and meth in vagina, a woman’s natural advantage, people are setting up shake and bake meth labs everywhere, woman had colon connected to vagina, an undercover state lottery agent makes a bust, and TWAGD: mid-life crisis dad breaks bad to impress his son.



WHGL_Episode_114_08_24_14Topics Discussed this Week: LOST, the Sarah Palin Channel, Parks and Recreation, Sopranos and Sons, The Trees of Mystery and Babe’s Big Blue Balls, Work and Play, Word of the Day, Overheard Critiques of Dub’s Lawn by Neighbors, Busted-Ass Water Lines, Paying to Keep Your Yard Up, Renting vs Owning, Collective Soul, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Larry the Cable Guy, David Cross, Beach Boys’ Surf Skills, Man Calls in Bomb Threat; Too Fat to go to Court, Succeeding at Lawyering: Exploiting Loopholes in Laws Designed to Help People, Term of the Day, the Public’s Over-Comprehended Charges of Voter and Welfare Fraud, Drug Testing and Attacking Poor People, Poor on Poor Hate, Token Politics, Ted Cruz, Japanese Artist Arrested for Distributing Vagina Kayak, Genitals are Hilarious, Should Everyone Get a Trophy?