Talk a little shit. It's good for you.

An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little shit, it's good for you.


This week we’re chasing whiskey with coffee, going to Las Vegas, losing money, messing up names, figuring out street performers on Fremont St., visiting the Mob Museum, getting propositioned by who’res, playing digital craps, putting prisoners on display for money, pondering whether prostitutes are more people or sex toys, wiping feces on dealership vehicles, transporting drugs by way of dong, heisting condoms and vibrators, elaborately threatening our customers for not tipping, divulging locations for hard-to-find foods like Arctic Circle and the McRib, buying expensive cat carriers, and more!



2013-07-12_whgl_07_07_13Part two of the conversation from last week: Matt brings an article about ‘The Intercept’, a Russian game show where contestants are given a free car…which is only the beginning. Matt asks Aaron about a Nietzsche quote, which sprawls into a conversation about morality, questions of agency, Cotard’s syndrome, and the brain in general.Aaron talks about an argument suggesting cooperation is evolutionarily selective in humans. Despite what you’ve heard or what you’ve come to expect, humans might be kind of, sort of okay. They discuss senses and language as technology, which then raises the topic of the singularity and offshoots of the human species. Dub talks about his trip to Vegas, Aaron talks about moving to Vancouver and Matt talks about his Alpha Brain.


2013-07-12_whgl_06_30_13Matt and Dub sit down once again with their Vancouver corespondent, Aaron. A knock-knock joke from the George Zimmerman trial sparks a conversation about racism in America, so-called shades of whiteness, and the race perspective in Montana versus other places. This moves to the topic of ‘ironic’ or ‘casual’ racism, as Dub recounts hunting homeless people in Vegas and being a tourist in other people’s lives. The discussion is shifted to Edward Snowden, whistle-blowers, and the president’s reaction to both. And then naturally they speculate about conspiracies surrounding all three.Let’s talk apocalypse: Is Montana getting a second area code? Dub brings a CMFE, featuring the Wasp knife, built to take on sharks. Aaron brings a new edition of The Civil War Balls on That Guy, featuring Gen. Ambrose Burnside, the namesake for sideburns and Civil War general who at first did not succeed, so tried and tried again.Part one of this conversation ends on the topic of morbid curiosity about life experiences you’ll never have.